Why Pray?

To Breathe!

To one who loves God, prayer is as natural as breathing. We pray because we live, move, and have our being in God. We breathe. Therefore, we pray. We pray because we desire to communicate with God. (pg 23)

To Receive His Promise!

God offers us relationship. This relationship is filled with covenant promises. He promises that if we give ourselves to this relationship by building our souls up in Him, then His way promises us success. We communicate with God in order to build that relationship, just like we would in any healthy relationship. (pg 24)

To Access Heaven!

Prayer gives you keys to the heavenly realms. Prayer causes what is happening in the spiritual realm to be manifested in the natural realm. Prayer increases your faith and unlocks doors. (pg 27)

To Interact with God!

Prayer is communicating with God. It is connecting with Him in worship by exiting the natural realm and entering the spiritual realm. In prayer, one enters into fellowship with God on an intimate level and there is an intermingling of the knowledge and wisdom of God. (pg 25)

Prayer is a Care Ministry!

Services I Have Provided 

Hourly Prayer Care

Setting a designated time to pray, hourly praying reinforces developing your intimate time to pray consistently every day.

24-Hour Prayer Care

When required to be available 24/7 for individuals, this is what I call 24-Hour Prayer Care.

Overnight Prayer Care

Designed specifically where overnight access to prayer is an acute need.

Alzheimer’s Prayer Care

With this condition so prevalent now, special care in this area helps individuals never have to fear facing this debilitating condition alone.

Nursing Prayer Care

Provided on an as-needed basis, nursing prayer care is usually reserved for post-illness or after an accident.

Family Lifestyle Prayer Care

Daily, weekly, or monthly prayer care as part of a family’s  prayer and devotional time.

Listen to the Difference Prayer Care Makes!

Over the last 40 years I’ve had the awesome privilege to care for thousands of people through prayer. These are some of their testimonies!

Many years ago, God commissioned me to pray. He commanded me to pray for everyone that I would meet. I knew I was unable to accomplish that task in and of myself, so He gave me a strategy. The Lord said, “I will bring faces, names, cities, states, and even countries before your eyes. Pray! Pray! Pray! I will also prompt you who to go to and ask, ’May I Pray With You?’” (pg 18)

If Mom Porter has been a blessing in  your faith, family, or spiritual life, please consider giving.

Written Testimonials

Daughter, Katherine Claudette

Birthday Blessings, Mommo. I thank God that He has given you 90 years thus far. I know your desire is for 100 years and my prayer continues that He will give you the desires of your heart. I am grateful to Him that He has fulfilled the Scripture in your life of your latter years being greater than your former years, and He is keeping you in health as your soul prospers. I am thankful and grateful for your prayers covering me all of my years, especially during my rebellious disobedient selfish years. The prayers of a righteous mother have availed much in and over my life. As many around the world can testify to your love and prayer covering them, I am grateful to be one of the original 4 to be covered daily by your love and prayers.
Thank you, Mommo.
God bless you and I bless you!

Bernetta McKindra

Mom Porter, You‎ are‎ a‎ “joy!”‎ Your‎ love‎ for‎ God‎ and‎ love‎ of‎ people‎ is‎ evident‎ in‎ all‎ you‎ do.‎ Through‎ the‎ years,‎ you‎ have‎ helped‎ me‎ increase‎ my‎ faith‎ in‎ God‎ and‎ also‎ my‎ prayer‎ life.‎ May‎ God‎ continue‎ to‎ give‎ you‎ strength‎ and‎ wisdom‎ as‎ you‎ journey‎ on‎ in‎ Him

Elder Constance J. Miller

2 Corinthians 2:15 – For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ in them that are saved. Through Carrie Porter (Mom) God brings knowledge of Christ. Everywhere she goes people breathe in the exquisite fragrance. Because of Christ, she gives off a sweet scent rising to God. If you have been in her presence, she leaves God’s fragrance with you. Happy Birthday!

John and Theressa

Happy 90th birthday, Momma! This beautiful lady has prayed for my family and me for over 40 years. She has been a blessing to us and has taught us how to really pray. We love you momma. I love you, and I appreciate all the prayers and the love that you’ve shown my family and me. Because of you I initiated giving special people in my life two dollar bills, which has now become my own personal tradition. What a blessing that we are privileged to share your 90th birthday. Love in him!

Perkins Family

This is the Perkins family sending Happy Birthday wishes and blessings to Mother Carrie Porter. We love you dearly and appreciate your many powerful prayers over 30 years of friendship.

Vickie Smith

I do not know where I would be without you in my life. Your prayers have really helped to carry me through. I Love you.

Grandson, Gary

Thank you for feeding me Life, Love, the Spirit of God, your Time, your Energy – your ALL! You are Grace, You are Class, you are Mercy, Giving. You are strong, you are Intelligent, you are Funny, you are what many can only wish to aspire to be a fraction of. These words can only begin to exclaim the beginning of YOU!

Dennis & Tammy Wilkerson

Thank you for your continued prayers over the years. You were so gratuitous to bless our new home in April 1996 and have continued to pray for us ever since. We love you and thank God for your health, life and strength.

Angela Berry

I thank God for you being in my life. I don’t know what I would have done had not been in my life all these years. I thank the Lord for all the prayers he answered. Love,

Stephanie Cook

Our prayer time together has meant a closer and more intimate relationship with God, in that he cares about every “minute” detail of our lives. Therefore, I pray that way and receive major results.

Mother Zula Willis

Sis. Carrie and l have been friends for quite a few years. We met through her mother and became partners in her care giving. When l met Sis. Carrie,  she was a prayer warrior, praying for everyone God put in her path, which included my family and I. Her total commitment to her calling is truly remarkable, putting her in line for Daniel 12:3 “Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever.”

Darnella and Joshia

She taught me how to pray and talk to God as my Father, Friend and Saviour. She has loved on me and Joshia, her grandson, from the beginning. And most of all she showed me her love for Jesus, always and her boldness is unmatched. Ma Porter to me is my Angel on earth, and the best confidant,  humble, wise, beautiful, and the best 89 yr old hip mover!!! Love Darnella and Joshia

Dr. Ruby P. Wade

Mom Porter’s prayers have enriched our lives for decades. In season and out of season, she has been available to encourage us and gently calm our fears during times of crisis. Healing and deliverance have been our portion. It has been my pleasure to be a part of helping her to achieve her vision. This memoir will leave an indelible impression on all who read it. Forever Friend, Ruby P. Wade, Pittsburgh, PA

Laura Eleam

You are such a blessing in our relationship that the first time I met you, you asked me to meet you over at Eat ‘n Park located in Edgewood, and that’s the first time I experienced such a prayer warrior of God. You prayed from the time we got there, you prayed for each and everyone you came in contact with and left such a wonderful impression upon my heart of such a prayer warrior. And when we were given the opportunity 11 years ago to be presidents for the JIM Prayer line on Saturdays and Sundays, what awesome blessing! May GOD bless you on your 90th birthday! May GOD shower you with everything that your heart desires.

Debbie Lesko and Family

The Lord has been so kind to our family in allowing us to have such a blessed relationship with Carrie “Mom” Porter in so many ways! One amazing part of that relationship is our Prayer Time with Mom Porter. Mom is always available to pray with us – even on her busiest days she will make time!  These Prayer Times bring comfort, hope, encouragement, inspiration, peace and guidance. Not only have our Prayer Times brought powerful blessings, but they have served to mentor us in seeking an intimate relationship with our Lord.  Blessed by and Grateful to Mom in so many ways!!

Drs. Russell & Virginia Jones

Virginia and I are still living the Word that was shared by our beloved “Mama Porter.”  Our lives have been and continue to be a reflection of the Word planted in us from our very early years of our marriage in 1980. Not only have we been blessed, but our families and the two ministries where we have served as Elders and Marriage Ministers have also. Jesus says in Luke 18:8, Will I see faithfulness in the earth when I return?  Mama Porter is the embodiment of this Word. Mama Porter, thank you for the rich deposit into our lives…

Elder Aldrich & Minister Elaine Jenkins

Mother Porter has been truly a blessing in our lives though her effectual prayers throughout the many years we have known her. We have found if we shared any need she would immediately stop and pray! Her prayers have been inspirational, informative, effectual and prophetic! We marvel at her writing her book in her 80’s and traveling all over the world praying, promoting, always lifting up the word of Jesus Christ! We wish her many more beautiful birthday blessings.

Pittsburgh, PA

Jeanne, Kansas

Mom Porter, Congratulations! You have been such an inspiration to me. You are my Spiritual Mom. Most of all, thank you for praying for me and my family all these years. I really appreciate you. Your prayers have really been encouraging to me. Love Jeanne, one of your Kansas City daughters!

Jeanne, Kansas

Elder Lezona Williams

I thank God for Mom Porter because she is faithful to standing on the wall and interceding for others including myself. I have received victories for my prayers concerning my job, my finances, my daughter, and most recently – a newly built home. Won’t God do it! I give God all the glory!!!
Mom Porter practices the principles of prayer in many ways…I admire Mom Porter for she is a Mighty Prayer Warrior with many victories under her belt. Happy Birthday Mom Porter and May God continue to bless you with the desires of your heart.

Elder Lezona Williams

Rev. Dr. Mitchel and Rev. Quandra Nickols

We want to praise our Heavenly Father for you. As pastors of the Bibleway Church for over 30 years and acquaintances of yours for almost that long, we consider it a blessing to be able to commemorate and celebrate this milestone in your well-lived life. Despite the difficulties, you’ve proven to be more than a conqueror. And because of the difficulties, some of the many hats that God has gracefully gifted you to wear are: (1) awesome mother to your family, (2) prayerful mother for all of us, your spiritually-adopted family, (3) author of many inspiring books and writings, (4) inspiring speaker at workshops and seminars, and greatest of all (4) a God-fearing, humble example of a servant of God. As pastors, you’ll never how grateful we are to you and the total worth of your intercessory prayer covering that you’ve been for us. But know this, of a certainty, your reward and crowns await you in eternity. Mom Porter, thank you so much. We pray that God grant you long life, health, and property. In Jesus’ Name. We love you!

Rev. Dr. Mitchel and Rev. Quandra Nickols


Prayer is powerful. Our family has been so touched by our prayer times together with you! We as a family are so inspired by your strength, your faith in God, and your obedience to Him. When we stand together in prayer with you, you continually seek the heart and will of God in all things and you stand with us in faith and belief in who our God is and His faithfulness to answer. Thank you for being a prayer partner and warrior with us individually and as a family!


Pastor Levi and Dr. Ruth Downs

Sister Carrie Porter, who we affectionately called Ma Porter, was a dear friend of my mother Sister Rosetta Hobby. While attending our home church, Bethlehem Temple, 404 Paulson Avenue, Ma Porter was a faithful member and a constant prayer warrior. I adopted Sister Porter as my mom, my friend and a Godly prayer partner over forty years ago. Our prayer time, whether in person or by phone, was always filled with love, hope, inspiration and the Word of God. Even though the covid pandemic has disrupted and changed our lives and daily routines, I feel confident that it has not changed her outreach ministry of praying for others. We love and thank God for our Ma Porter.

Pastor Levi and Dr. Ruth Downs

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40-Day Prayer Journal

An excellent tool to help you put the Word of God into action every day with prayer. Use this 40-Day Prayer Journal to assist with praying the Word and recording your thoughts on paper to return to as you seek the Lord in prayer. God has solutions, but we are to listen and hear Him for He cares for us!


Mom Porter's Legacy - Tips for a Happier Healthier Life

Written at 90 years old, this my second book is an easy read of tips and random thoughts to help my offspring, you, and yours! When it comes to good housekeeping, healthier living and ways to interact with each other better through love, compassion, and wisdom, we can all use some help. There are hazards and plagues that confront and challenge our society today, but God is supreme. He positions us for better living regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity!


May I Pray With You?

“When children are being shot while sitting on their stoops, teen girls are having more than one child, when trusted men are molesting children right up under the eyes of their leaders, when church leaders and pastors are falling like flies, and more and more and more issues, don’t you think we need prayer? Don’t you think we need people who can get a prayer through? Don’t you think we need people who ask us if they can pray for us? This book is about how all of us can be equipped to pray…”-Dr. Bernard Franklin